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Best Premium European Watch Brands

The gardening installation features the entire range of jewelry, including 24 carat gold-plated seed shooting grillz, a baseball cap that also functions as a rake, and a gardening …


How To Match Watch and Hair Color And Dresses

London-based company vinaya introduces 'altruis', designer wearable technology that enables wearers to stay present in the moment and improve relationships with smartphones.…


Watch Trend Alert: Large Metallic Worth Splurge

The bristish architect has created a site-specific sculptural structure that serves as the backdrop for an informal guest lounge at baselworld 2016, coinciding with the debut …


Trendy Watch Pieces Worth the Splurge

The trio of brass objects blur the boundary between tool and accessory, enabling guerrilla gardeners to dig, rake, and shovel while remaining inconspicuous.…

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